Arizona Faculty in Cameroon

The University of Arizona and University of Buea collaborated on our first teaching trip in October 2015. Drs. Laura Mercer and Mike Brady, accompanied by filmmaker Donatus Agbakwu visited the University of Buea. We were privileged to have the oppportunity to learn from and teach the 4th and 5th year students at the University of Buea School of Medicine.  Dr. Gregory Halle-Ekane,  Vice Dean for Research and Collaboration, was our host.

Buea Regional Hospital
Wembe Billy, Enow Derick Tansi, Rabbi Hashimi Manga — three excellent medical students!
Drs. Mercer and Brady headed into the Faculty of Health Sciences (the campus of the medical school)
These students ask good questions! Dr. Mercer speaking with a student after didactics.
Dr. Mercer discussing Amenorrhea with the 4th year students.
The Beach at Limbe